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Why choosing OSD International?

These are the advantages of choosing OSD International as your trusted international health insurance specialist.

We do not send any standardized offers to you, but develop individual, tailor-made solutions based on your individual needs. This means that we can offer the right solution for almost every situation. This advantage is undoubtedly of great importance.
We work fully independent of the insurance companies and therefore are in no way obliged to recommend any insurance or provider. The ideal coverage solution for you and your satisfaction are our highest priority.
We are not only involved before you select a plan, but also during and after the term of your policies. We inform you about changes, news and improvements that affect your coveragey. Thus, as our customer, you are always up to date!
Our service is free of charge for you!
We specialize in international health insurance plans. This focus enables us to offer ideal health insurance solutions individually customized to your respective needs.
We advise you, regardless of whether you already live abroad or are preparing to. You do not have to be in your home country.
We do not limit ourselves to plans from a specific country or insurer, but offer solutions from insurers all over the world. By continuously screening the market, we are able to select the suitable solution for you out of a large product portfolio of internationally well-established insurers.
Our service also includes ongoing market research during the entire term of your insurance contract. We will inform you if a new rate published by the same or another provider appears to be more attractive compared to your existing insurance coverage. You can then decide whether a change is beneficial for you.

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