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International health insurance coverage for companies

Does your company or a subsidiary have employees abroad? Then it is crucial to offer your international employees appropriate health insurance coverage.

Usually, there are two kinds of coverage options: Indivdual policies for each employee or group coverage for all of them. Family members can always be included.

By providing international health plans to your employees, the involvement of you as the employer in the claims reimbursement process is eliminated. The insurer takes care of this in full.

Benefit from our experience and our contacts! Take full advantage of significant benefits, such as the elimination of health questions, coverage of pre-existing conditions, waiver of waiting periods and highly discounted premiums.

Let us show you what’s possible. You most likely will be pleasantly surprised!

3 simple steps to getting your comparison

Group plans are already possible for two or more insured employees. Tell us your idea, we will create a concept for your company. We will take several insurers into account, which will meet the needs of your employees and your requirements at the same time.

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